Sales Tax Audit

Purpose of NY sales tax audit

The purpose of a NY sales tax audit is simple: to determine whether you are paying the correct amount of sales tax to NY state. 

What happens during a NY sales tax audit?

If you are being audited for sales tax, the NY tax authorities will send an auditor to your place of business. This auditor will determine whether you are paying the correct amount of sales tax. If you are, there will be no further inquiries. If you are not paying the correct amount of sales tax, the auditor will issue a sales and use tax assessment, which is essentially a bill for the additional sales and use tax you owe.

Remember, as with any tax auditor, this auditor’s primary purpose is to extract information from a taxpayer to determine whether the taxpayer owes additional taxes. 

Should I use a tax attorney for a NY sales tax audit?

As with any legal process, it is important to have a tax attorney present to advise you on the process.

What Will Faulisi Law Do for Me?

Faulisi Law has one simple goal: to ensure that you and your business receive fair treatment during a sales and use tax audit.


This is especially important because some sales tax auditors might make assumptions that are not finite and leave room for interpretation.


We want to fight for your position. 

We ensure that you pay the minimum amount of sales and use tax that the applicable law allows.

Reverse sales tax audit

Sometimes back sales tax assessments can be substantial. Substantial sales tax assessments can effectively eliminate a company's financial existence. If you have areas that you would like a tax attorney CPA to review, let us know. All attorney-client conversations are confidential. Many circumstances of which you are unaware can make you vulnerable.

Faulisi Law can conduct a reverse sales tax audit to identify potential exposure before it is too late.