Tax Audits

Have a Tax Attorney CPA represent you on every step of the tax audit process.

Receiving an audit notification letter from the IRS or the New York State taxing authority can be scary. Most individuals automatically are alarmed or feel confused because they have no one to whom they can turn for advice or guidance.  

You are not alone. 


Faulisi Law is here to alleviate your concerns by offering you tax guidance throughout the audit process.

Although you might not currently believe it, you have many rights as a taxpayer. Faulisi Law provides legal representation that ensures your rights are upheld.  

Here are some examples of taxpayer rights about which you may not know:

  • The taxpayer has the right to appeal an IRS auditor's decision;
  • The taxpayer has the right to be informed;
  • The taxpayer has the right to rest assured that the IRS is following proper procedures;
  • The taxpayer has the right to receive clear explanations of any IRS decisions made as a result of the tax audit;
  • The taxpayer has the right to sue the IRS in federal court if an appeal is legally disputed.

If you are going through the tax audit process, have Joseph Faulisi, Esq., CPA represent you. 

Joseph Faulisi, Esq., CPA is a tax attorney CPA located in Queens. Call us today at (718) 709-9823 to schedule a free consultation.  

What Will Faulisi Law Do for You?

Faulisi Law is a New York based law firm that provides IRS audit representation. 

Each case is unique and Joseph Faulisi, Esq., CPA understands that. Joseph will personally meet with you and review the details of your case. 

We know your time is valuable. Faulisi Law reduces your need to interact throughout the tax audit process. 

Let Faulisi Law deal with the IRS and NYS taxing authorities. 

We handle it all for you; you won't have to take time off work to deal with the dreaded red tape involved in communicating with the IRS and/or NY State taxing authorities. 

Simply send us the audit notification letter; Faulisi Law will handle the rest.

Have a tax attorney aggressively represent your rights if you are being audited

IRS Auditors are trained to extract information from taxpayers

 Do not talk to an auditor without Faulisi Law's help.